When we looked at the ten most expensive homes sold in Nashville during 2012, we found that they all had amenities galore! Take a look below at the amenities important to Nashville’s luxury buyers.

1. Spectacular Swimming Pools

9 out of the 10 most expensive homes sold in 2012 featured spectacular swimming pools. With 2012 being the second-warmest year in Nashville history, it’s no wonder that these buyers are looking for a refreshing spot to beat the heat!


2. Media Rooms

Half of the most expensive homes sold in 2012 featured media rooms complete with comfortable seating, high definition TVs, and extensive digital surround sound systems. These rooms are perfect for entertaining a crowd on movie night or hosting the sports fanatics in the family. Most even featured additional perks such as wet bars, small kitchens, and complex lighting systems that provide the perfect ambiance for your film.


3. Kitchens

Often defined as the heart of the home, the kitchens in the most expensive homes sold in 2012 could host a gourmet connoisseur. These expansive spaces featured top of the line appliances, beautiful details and finishes, and many featured islands of a contrasting color.


4. Garages

For the most part, garages are afterthoughts for homebuyers. Utilitarian and uniform, they’re not much to fuss over. In the luxury market, garages have evolved from functional spaces to architectural showplaces that reflect the exotic automobiles they house. Two of the most expensive homes sold in Nashville featured show-stopping garages.

garages Tell us: which amenity would be at the top of your list of luxury?