With the month of June and the 4th of July holiday in the rearview mirror, school is starting soon (yikes!). If traveling won’t fit in your remaining few weeks of summer, staying close to home doesn’t have to drag on. We’ve compiled a list of great things to do in Nashville that’ll take only a short car ride. (Or even a short walk!) Create your own summer staycation with these five ideas:

1. Outdoorsy Fun
When you have a craving for some natural beauty – or at least a break from icy air conditioning, explore a new park, plan a picnic, stop and smell the flowers at Cheekwood, or catch a Nashville Sounds baseball game.

2. Cool Off in the Water
Some days you need to beat the summer heat. You might not have a resort pool at your disposal, but you can visit a local splash pad or aquatic center, or just play in the backyard with hoses, squirt guns, and water balloons.

5 Ideas for a Nashville Staycation this Summer

Cumberland Park’s innovative play areas have several water features in order to keep cool. The Hollow’s water features include a rainbow area, a “cloud bridge” with rain curtains and interactive splash pad while The Scoops is a cooling off area that features a stepping-stone path with mist features.

3. Splurge on an activity you wouldn’t normally do
Since you’re not spending money on traveling, do something fun that wouldn’t normally be in your budget, like renting stand up paddleboards or kayaks, going to the Nashville Escape Game, or spend time enjoying the multi-activities at Pinewood Social.

4. Camp Out
Pitch the tent in your backyard… or just your living room! Pile it up with blankets and cushions and then tell scary stories by flashlight. If you are in the backyard, find some binoculars and a stargazing guide for a unique activity.

5 Ideas for a Nashville Staycation this Summer

Baseball meets Art at First Tennessee Park with this mini golf that features Nashville artists.

5. Visit a museum and Enjoy the Arts
Nashville has museums both big and small. Recent exhibits include The Italian Automotive Renaissance at Frist Center, International Playhouses at Cheekwood, and The Country Club at First Tennessee Park. The Country Club, a nine-hole miniature golf course which features a different local Nashville artist for each hole, is a unique example of combining arts and business in a platform the entire community can enjoy.

Have fun!