Five Reasons You Need a Realtor in Nashville

You have reached the point where you have decided to buy or sell a house. Whatever your reason is for moving, the selling and buying process can quickly become a big headache for the inexperienced. Even homeowners who have bought and sold several houses can make costly slip-ups. Luckily for you, real estate agents can help streamline your selling or buying experience.

While some try to go the process alone, real estate agents in Nashville are essential for saving you both time and money. According to the experts at KeepingCurrentMatters, the five top reasons you need a realtor are:

1. What do you do with all this paperwork?

A true real estate professional is an expert in the market and can guide people through the stacks of state regulated paperwork necessary to make a transaction a reality.

2. Ok, so you found your dream house, now what?

According to the same sources, there are more than 230 possible actions that need to take place during every successful real estate transaction. Buyers and sellers need an expert to lead the way from start to finish. A seasoned real estate agent should be able to answer your questions about anything from open houses to the inspection process. You will be depending on your real estate agent for their expert knowledge in the industry, so be sure your chosen agent is knowledgeable and able to meet your needs.

3. Are you a good negotiator?

From the buyer (who wants the best deal possible), to the home inspection companies, to the appraiser, there are at least 11 different people that sellers will have to be knowledgeable with and answer to, during the process.

4. What is the home you’re buying/selling really worth?

According to the National Association of Realtors®, realtor represented properties typically sell for 19% more than the typical For Sale By Owner home. In 2013, the average FSBO sales price was $174,900, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $215,000, a difference of $40,100.

5. Do you know what’s really going on in the market?

Hiring an agent who has a finger on the pulse of the market will make your buying/selling experience an educated one. You need someone who is going to tell you the truth, not just what they think you want to hear.

The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty happens to have a great selection of expert real estate agents on staff. Our agents are the finest in the area with industry knowledge and years of experience. Contact our office to talk with one of our agents, and discover for yourself why our staff is incomparable to the competition.

Five Reasons You Need a Realtor in Nashville


Video: Adelicia Condo for Sale with Coveted Downtown View

Rare Corner Unit Adelicia Condo for Sale with Coveted Downtown View

900 20th Avenue South #1001
Nashville, TN 37212

It’s here, the very rare downtown facing corner unit in Nashville’s premier high-rise, the Adelicia. This particular unit displays a magnificent 180 degree view of the Nashville skyline. With the ever changing sunset colors, impeccable decor and floor to ceiling glass surrounding the open living area, kitchen and dining room, why would you want to live and entertain anywhere else?

Video: Adelicia Condo for Sale with Coveted Downtown View

Click on the image for more photos and information from The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty.

For more information on this Adelicia condo for sale in Nashville, contact listing agent:

Michelle Maldonado, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Michelle Maldonado, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Michelle Maldonado
The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Expert Advice: Features that Nashville Home Buyers Want Most in 2015

Do you ever wonder which home improvements will attract Nashville home buyers to your property? Now that the Nashville real estate market has stabilized, we have had many clients and homeowners ask for our advice on this subject. We decided to share the responses from our expert realtors with you!

Margaret Odle, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Margaret Odle, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

I see a desire for greater use of technology within the home. Buyers want a Smart Home. It is more than just programmable thermostats. They want to see technology implemented throughout the home. Examples: Webcams, doors that can be opened/locked remotely and control of the thermostat.pg_smart_homes_0

Renee Max, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty in Nashville, TN

Renee Max, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

My clients love outdoor spaces. They are especially loving the roof-top decks being built in new developments. The more decks, patios, and porches around the home the better!Outdoor Fireplace at Encore in SoBro

Gloria Hougland, The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Realty

Gloria Hougland, The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Kitchens still offer remodeling bang for your buck. In luxury properties and neighborhoods, buyers are willing to pay more for better appliances. A SubZero refrigerator is well worth the additional cost. Produce stays fresh and crisp much longer – up to two weeks or more!Nashville Homes for Sale - Fit for a Thanksgiving Feast

With local expertise of each neighborhood and the buyers in today’s market, an expert realtor can help pinpoint which improvements give you the best return on your home improvement dollar while preserving the value of your home. If you’re considering a move in 2015, start a conversation with your realtor today!

Nashville named a Hot Housing Market for 2015

Trulia released their annual report of the hottest housing markets to watch for in the coming year, and we have to say that we are not surprised to see that Nashville picked up the number five spot on their list. Trulia’s Chief Economist Jed Kolko determined which markets made the cut using “fundamentals such as job growth, rising incomes, and more household formation.”

Trulia Markets to Watch in 2015

photo via trulia

blockquote5. Nashville, TN

You don’t have to be a country music fan to love what locals call Music City (but it might not hurt). It’s not only musicians who populate the city, which is also home to prestigious Vanderbilt University and the Scripps Networks company. The Tennessean reported that Nashville ranked seventh in growth among young professionals with college degrees, and the city has seen a 48 percent population hike in the past 12 years.”

The 10 markets to watch in 2015 have strong fundamentals for housing activity. These include solid job growth, which fuels housing demand, and a low vacancy rate, which spurs construction. Trulia gave a few extra points to markets with a higher share of millennials. These young adults are getting back to work and that will drive household formation and rental demand.

Nashville real estate trends to watch in 2015

Though the Greater Nashville real estate market ebbs and flows, 2014 was actually one of the most stable years in recent memory.

All indicators suggest that this trend will continue in 2015, and that there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

Here are three real estate indicators we will be watching throughout the new year.

Nashville real estate trends to watch in 2015

Thinking about making a move in 2015? Contact one of our expert realtors now to schedule a January appointment to discuss your home buying — or selling — options.

• First time homebuyers

When it comes to the housing market, 2015 may be the year first-time homebuyers make a comeback. With rents rising faster than incomes, many Millennials are expected to start looking to buy homes of their own.

The National Association of Realtors reported that first-time buyers currently comprise only 33 percent of buyers. That represents their lowest market share since 1987, when first-time buyers made up only 30 percent of the market, largely because mortgage interest rates were double what they are now.

But there is some great news. The recent announcements of new 3 percent down payment programs by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should put purchasing a house within the reach of more buyers, especially those who have good credit and steady employment but have not been able to save enough for a 10 percent or 20 percent down payment.

With these new programs, we’re optimistic that 2015 will be noticeably easier on many first-time homebuyers.

• Inventory

For the past few years, the lack of houses for sale has significantly impacted our local real estate market. But we’re seeing more and more signs that inventory will be on the rise in 2015.

Forecasts predict a boost in 2015 on groundbreakings of new single-family homes, as well as new home sales. Following a record year in commercial real estate for Nashville, multi-family developments should bring more condominiums to the Nashville area.

• Interest rates

According to predictions released by, mortgage rates will head back up in 2015.

blockquoteThe flip side of the improving economy is that mortgage rates will inevitably head up again. We’ve had a great run, but the honeymoon is over, and it’s time to settle in for a relationship that balances job growth with higher-but-still-reasonable interest rates. The Federal Reserve has indicated it will increase the federal funds rate–which has an indirect but significant effect on mortgage rates–next year. The rate has remained near zero since December 2008.

Although the Fed might wait as late as early 2016, Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke suggested the increase will come in mid-2015, and mortgage rates will increase ahead of the Fed’s move.

“Our forecast for housing assumes the 30-year fixed rate will reach 5% by the end of 2015,” Smoke said. “The one-year adjustable rate will likely rise less if much at all, and accordingly, we are likely to see a shift into more adjustable and hybrid mortgages over fixed.”

If you think 2015 will be your year to make a move in Middle Tennessee, we suggest contacting an expert realtor now to schedule a January appointment to discuss your home buying — or selling — options. The Nashville real estate market remains vibrant and it will be your advantage to get a head start as we move into another active spring buying and selling season!