Things To Look Out For When Touring A Nashville Home For Sale

The Music City is full of great houses, but when you start visiting prospective homes in the city, there are a few things you should know and a few things you should be on the lookout for. Keep the following factors in mind when touring Nashville homes.

Couple Touring An Open House

Age Of The House

The population growth in Nashville has led to a lot of new developments and houses being built. When looking at a house, it’s important to note whether it’s one of the new ones or an older house; that can make a difference in deciding if that house is the right one for you.

Other Buyers

Nashville is currently a seller’s market when it comes to real estate, which means you may not be the only one interested in a particular house. If you go to an open house, make a note of how many other people are there. If you receive a private tour from your realtor, ask them how many other people have visited the house; odds are, you won’t be the first. If you see a house you like, you may have to act fast, because that house could receive multiple offers, which will complicate matters and could drive the price higher.

Areas To Compromise

This is true when house shopping most of the time, but compromise can be particularly important in a seller’s market like Nashville. You may not love every aspect of a particular house, but think about what you’ll be willing to compromise beforehand, and look out for things about the house you can change later on; in a competitive market, and you may have to settle for something that’s not quite your dream house.


Nashville has several amazing neighborhoods, so look out for where each house is located within the city. Each Nashville neighborhood offers something special, but there are distinctions among them, so do some research on which neighborhood is the right one for you.


It’s important for every house in Nashville, both new and old, to be tested for radon, as this is a potential issue throughout central Tennessee. You need to ask about radon levels in the house and the last time it was tested. It also won’t hurt to inquire about the last time the property was inspected for termites, as this is another potential problem in Nashville homes.


This is another issue that’s ubiquitous when buying a house, but with the growing population in Nashville, the city is prone to gridlock during rush house. This means you need to think about transportation times between your house and your work, as well as grocery stores and other places you’ll visit on a regular basis. Make sure the house you’re looking at is in a convenient location for all of your transportation needs.

Things You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing A Nashville, TN Real Estate Company

Buying or a selling home is a big step, and it is a step you probably do not want to take alone, especially if it is only your first time. Negotiations, marketing, paperwork, inspections, mortgages — there is just so much involved. When you do make the decision to buy or sell your Nashville home, one of the first things you should do is choose a local real estate company to help you. An agent from that company can walk you through the entire process and make sure you get the best home for the best price or the best price on your home without running into major complications. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a real estate company, however:

Realtor Showing Family Around New Home

  1. Always Ask For References, And Follow Up On Them

    One of the best ways to start when choosing a Nashville real estate company is to ask for unbiased opinions from past clients. Avoid a company that hesitates to provide references, and take notice of the ones that do. When you do receive names and numbers of past clients, give them a call. Ask about the company’s best and worse qualities to get a real, honest opinion.

  2. Make Sure They Represent The Location And Types Of Homes You Are Searching For

    Whether you choose a small company with only a few agents or a larger one with dozens of professionals on staff, make sure they represent what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for an inexpensive condo in Downtown Nashville, you may not want to work with someone who specializes in suburban luxury homes. You also want to make sure the company and at least one of its agents has recent experience with clients buying or selling homes in your desired community.

  3. Do Your Homework

    There are plenty of ways to get a preliminary idea as to whether or not a company will be a good fit for you. Drive around your community and see if they any “for sale” signs placed in the yards of homes currently on the market. Do a quick online search to see what people are saying about them. Check out the agency’s website to see if they are internet savvy and if they currently represent many listings. One agent representing 50 listings or 100 agents representing 10 listings could be a bad sign.

  4. Set Up Interviews

    Once you have narrowed down your list, the only thing left to do is meet with the company’s professionals. Set up an appointment to interview an agent or two and ask questions about the things that concern you most. This could range from asking what type of marketing they offer when helping you sell your home to how many years they have been in business.

The Natural Beauty Of Gallatin, TN

Just half an hour from Happy family with man, woman and child in parkNashville, Gallatin, Tennessee is home to the headquarters for companies like Gap and Servpro Industries; Volunteer State Community College; and the Sumner County Fair. But despite all of that, the small city is known for its quiet streets and natural backdrops that will take your breath away and provide you with plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

Old Hickory Lake And The Cumberland River

The majestic Cumberland River flows right through Gallatin and into nearby Old Hickory Lake. Two of Tennessee’s most popular bodies of water provide residents with over tens of thousands of acres of access to the water and hundreds of miles of shoreline. Many residents choose to live along the banks of the lake or river to experience the sights and sounds of the water gently splashing against the shores. It is like being on vacation year-round. Even if you choose not to live on the water, there are plenty of excuses to spend some time there. Marinas are plentiful for boaters, and fishing tournaments take place throughout the year. You can also take a cruise down the river via companies like Cumberland River Cruises.


Gallatin is famous across the state for its parks, whether it’s the local city park with the playground and ballfield or a large state park like Bledsoe Creek. Once a Native American hunting ground, the 169-acre space sits along the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake and is a great spot to look for wildlife, such as whitetail deer, beaver, bobcats, foxes, bald eagles and wild turkey. It is also home to 57 campsites, several miles of nature trails, boat launch ramps, picnic facilities and some of the Tennessee’s best fishing spots.

More Natural Beauty Of Gallatin

Beyond the parks, lake, and river, Gallatin and Sumner County are home to a number of plant nurseries, farms and wineries. At Halloween or Christmas, take the kids to Brown’s Holiday Farm to pick out a pumpkin or a tree and have a day of farmyard fun.  Places like Long Hollow Gardens and Nursery and Red Chief Orchard are excellent ways to get in touch with nature and do a little shopping. To learn more about homes available in beautiful Gallatin, contact The Lipman Group at 615.463.3333.

Things Pet Owners Should Consider When Buying A Home

If some of your family members are of the furry variety and you are thinking about moving to Nashville, you are making an excellent choice. Music City is one pet-friendly place to live. Many of the neighborhoods are walkable, and dozens of restaurants allow you to bring your pup along when you dine. All dogs are allowed in all Metro Nashville parks on a leash, but there are several off-leash parks just for Fido as well.  And when it comes to pet-friendly businesses, you will find products and services ranging from grooming to organic treats all throughout town. But what should pet owners consider when buying a Nashville home? man walking with a dog Husky

  1. The Yard

    This is probably the most important thing to check out, especially if you have a dog or cat who goes in and out. Is there room for your pet to roam? Are there any safety hazards? Is the backyard fenced in? You will most likely want a nice big yard where your pet can feel safe and comfortable.

  2. Carpets

    Carpeting can be removed, but you may not have the time or budget to do it immediately. If your potential new home has wall-to-wall carpet in every room, think about the pet odors its can absorb over time.

  3. Stairs

    If your pet has small legs or is older and has a harder time getting around, a two-story home may be a little more difficult to navigate, especially if your furry family member sleeps with you and all of the bedrooms are upstairs.

  4. HOAs

    If you have to contend with a homeowners’ association, find out if there are any rules about the type or number of pets you can have in the neighborhood. Some ban dog breeds or exotic animals, while others limit the number of animals you can have on one property.

  5. Safety hazards

    You checked the yard for safety hazards, but what about the home itself? Perhaps there is a loft or deck with wide railing that your pet could easily slip through. Maybe the basement has some tight spots where your pet could get caught. Look at the home from your pet’s point of view.

  6. The neighborhood

    Decide if this is the right Nashville neighborhood for your pets. Are there sidewalks or places where you can go for a walk? Are there parks nearby? Are there other animals around that may be aggressive if they see your pet? If you see other pet owners out walking, ask them how they like living there.

  7. Proximity

    If you work outside of the home, make sure your home is close enough to the office so that you are not spending extra hours in traffic each week. No pet wants to be left alone all day, and the quicker you can return the better.

If you need to find a pet-friendly neighborhood and home in Nashville, The Lipman Group can help. Give us a call today at 615.463.3333.

Home Buying Tips When Relocating To Nashville

If you are planning to buy a home and move to Nashville, you have made a wonderful decision. The city features beautiful neighborhoods, ample job opportunities in a variety of industries, and more fun and entertainment than you could possibly imagine. So, what should you know about choosing your Nashville home? These tips will help make the relocation process easier than ever.

  1. Know What You Want In A Home

    Nashville and the surrounding metropolitan area offer plenty of diversity when it comes to housing style. Condos, townhomes, remodeled historic homes, new construction, fixer uppers, lake homes — there is truly something for everyone. If you are not sure what you want, come spend a day driving around town or talk to a trusted Nashville real estate professional about your options.

  2. New Homes in Suburban NeighborhoodKnow Your Neighborhoods

    Nashville’s neighborhoods are as diverse and eclectic as the city’s famed music scene. For example, Green Hills has the look and feel of a suburban town, but it is close to everything. Living in a gleaming condo building in Downtown Nashville may mean cutting out your daily commute. Franklin is an award-winning city just outside of Nashville that families fall in love with. 12 South is a unique walkable neighborhood that Southern Living considers to be one of the best neighborhoods in the entire South.

  3. Talk To The Locals

    When you do decide on the type of home you want and narrow down your neighborhood options, get to know some of the locals. Spend a few days here — there are some amazing hotels all around town — and visit the restaurants, parks, and shops and walk the sidewalks in areas you like. Talk to the people who live there about what they like and do not like. If you have kids or pets, ask about how child- or animal-friendly the neighborhood is. This is the best way to get to know an area, and Nashville residents love to show off their Southern hospitality.

  4. Think About Drive Times

    Nashville and the surrounding metropolitan area is sprawling, and if you do not like to spend time in traffic, you may want to consider living close to the things that are important to you. Maybe you travel for business and want to be close to the airport or maybe you are interested in a particular school for your kids. Perhaps you just want to be close enough to the lake to get away for the weekend.

If you are planning to relocate to Nashville, the professionals at The Lipman Group would love to help you find the home of your dreams and get to know the city. Contact us today at 615.463.3333.

Tips For Staging Your Midtown Nashville Home To Sell

Beautiful staged living room interior in new luxury home with view of kitchen. Home interior with hardwood floors and open floorplan showing dining room, kitchen, and living room. Has high vaulted ceilings.Midtown Nashville is one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, but even homes in sought-after places need to be as appealing as possible when you decide to place them on the market. This is where staging comes in. Whether you live in a gorgeous high-rise condo or a charming historic bungalow, you want your Midtown Nashville home to provide an excellent first impression when potential buyers stop by. Take a look at these staging tips to help you get started.

  1. Declutter And Remove About Two-Thirds of Your Stuff

    The less personal stuff in the home when you try to sell it, the better. You want potential buyers to see it as their own. You also want to remove clutter on counters, floors, cabinets, and closets so that they can see how spacious these spots are.

  2. Add Light

    No one wants to live in a dark home. Start by opening up the curtains and blinds and letting the natural light of the sun inside. If your rooms are still dark, considering adding a few nice lamps.

  3. Add Some Life

    You want most of your living things out of the house when potential buyers stop by — like the kids and the pets — but adding some fresh flowers and plants can freshen things up.

  4. Freshen The Air

    Get rid of or clean anything that smells, such as trash cans, litter boxes, and dirty clothes hampers. Light some candles (stick to fresh scents that do not overpower, such as citrus) or bake some cookies to make the home’s scent more appealing.

  5. Do Some Deep Cleaning

    You may think you need to paint or even remodel, but sometimes a good deep clean can make all the difference in the world. Wash your windows, have the carpets cleaned, pressure wash the driveway and be sure to scrub every inch of your bathroom. Dirty bathrooms are a huge turnoff.

  6. Keep Up The Yard

    If you live in a single-family home, mow your grass, remove debris and dead plants, scoop up the dog’s messes and plant a few flowers. If you live in a condo, check with your HOA before making any major changes to the outside of your home.

  7. Make Your Master Bedroom Appealing To Both Sexes

    If your room is ultra-feminine with floral prints everywhere, consider switching out the comforter and curtains for neutral solid colors that appeal to everyone.

For help selling your Midtown Nashville home, contact The Lipman Group at 615.463.3333.