How People Upgrade Kitchens and How Much They Spend

The kitchen is the most popular room of the home to renovate, according to Houzz research, and those who choose to remodel the heart of their home have some definite preferences. After all, the No. 1 reason they choose to renovate this area is no longer being able to stand the old kitchen. Read on to find out about how much money people are spending on kitchen renovations — and on what.

The 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, from a research team led by Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist, reveals that homeowners updating their kitchens prioritize changing out countertops, backsplashes and sinks. A majority of kitchen renovators are also choosing a more open feel for this room.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

How much does it cost? The most common budget — as well as actual spend — on a kitchen renovation remains $25,001 to $50,000, according to the survey. Only 9 percent of kitchen renovators spend more than $100,000; just 4 percent spend less than $5,000. We hope the numbers help give your own project some dollars-and-cents context.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

If I see that backsplash one more time… The top motivator for renovating a kitchen continues to be that owners can no longer stand the old kitchen. An increasingly popular reason is finally having the financial means, the triggering factor for 40 percent of renovators, compared with 37 percent the year before.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

Countertops before electronics. Countertops are the most popular feature to upgrade, followed closely by backsplashes and kitchen sinks. Notably, a majority of kitchen renovations (51 percent) open the space more to a nearby room, reflecting the ongoing popularity of the great-room concept.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

Contemporary moment. In terms of style post-renovation, contemporary has surpassed transitional in popularity among kitchen renovators, the survey found. Style preferences have an interesting correlation with age group: Millennial homeowners (ages 25 to 34) are more likely to choose modern and farmhouse style, while baby boomers (ages 55 and up) are more likely to prefer traditional style. Millennial homeowners are also more likely to install kitchen islands.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

White cabinets aren’t going anywhere. White cabinetry remains the most popular choice for kitchens, with wood coming in second (representing a combined 29 percent, when light, medium and dark woods are added up). A greater share of millennials (47 percent) are likely to choose white cabinetry than baby boomers. Among the older group, only 41 percent choose white.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

Do you buy for looks or durability? Granite and quartz came in neck and neck for the most popular countertop choices, with butcher block or wood slab a distant third. When it comes to choosing countertops, 72 percent of homeowners make their choice for the look and feel of the material, while 53 percent choose for durability.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

To tree or not to tree. Hardwood is in a dead heat with ceramic or porcelain tile for the most frequently selected new material among kitchen renovators updating their flooring. This year, hardwood slipped a bit in popularity, as tile rose. Owners tend to choose flooring material for its look and feel (81 percent), as well as its durability (63 percent). People tend to choose wood or engineered wood for its look, while those who prefer ceramic or porcelain material tend to choose it for durability.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

Stainless steel is not just for forks. Stainless appliances are the most popular appliance color choice for updated kitchens, with 72 percent of renovating homeowners selecting this finish. White came in a very distant second.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

If you can’t hang drywall yourself, you’re in darn good company. While some Houzz readers are intrepid DIYers, the majority — 88 percent — hire at least one pro for their kitchen renovations, according to the survey. General contractors are the most frequently hired professionals, chosen by 54 percent of renovating homeowners.

How People Upgrade Their Kitchens and How Much They Spend

Renovate to lose weight? One-third of kitchen renovators claimed healthier habits post-renovation, while the remaining two-thirds of kitchen renovators said they were equally healthy after the renovation. Forty-one percent of homeowners who renovated their kitchens are cooking more at home, 34 percent are ordering less takeout, and 26 percent are eating more fruits and vegetables. A whopping 76 percent of kitchen renovators cook five or more meals at home each week after their renovation. is a great resource for current homeowners and future homebuyers. The beauty of these findings can help anyone who is thinking about renovating their kitchen to sell their home appeal to the greatest opinions. If you are thinking about renovating your home in order to sell, contact our expert agents at RE/MAX Homes and Estates and they can help you make decisions that will get you the highest return on investment!

Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Pre-­Approved Before Looking At Nashville Homes For Sale

If you are looking for a home in Nashville, securing a pre-approved home loan before you begin your search is a great idea. It can speed the buying process and help you avoid stress along the way. It can also give you a better chance of getting the home you want, particularly in a competitive housing market.

Couple reviewing home mortgage pre-approval

Know How Much You Have Available to Spend Before You Shop for a Nashville Home

One of the benefits of securing a pre-approval for a home loan before you start to look for a home in Nashville is that you have a set budget. Because you know how much you have to spend, you can focus on homes within your price range. Buyers who choose to shop without first obtaining a pre-approval letter often search for homes priced above or below their means.

No Need to Worry About Getting Turned Down for a Home Loan

Another advantage of obtaining a pre-approved home loan is that you don’t need to worry about being turned down for credit. While getting a pre-approval letter is not a guarantee that you will get a particular home, it does mean you can shop without worrying about whether or not you qualify for a home in your price range.

Pre-Approved Buyers Are More Likely to Be Accepted by Sellers

Consumers who are not pre-approved for a home loan risk rejection from sellers. Even if you find the ideal home and can qualify for it, you may be competing with shoppers who have a pre-approval letter. If there is more than one offer on the home of your dreams, a seller is more likely to accept an offer from a pre-approved buyer.

Find out more about getting pre-approved for a home loan by calling The Lipman Group at 615.463.3333.

Three Tips for Selling Your Home Right Now

Winter weather has a reputation for chilling the real estate market, but with a few simple housekeeping tasks and some planning it doesn’t have to. You can still make the most of the season and secure an above-asking price offer on your house with these three tips:

One of the best tips we can offer is to let there be light. Have all lights on, leaving all blinds and curtains open. Change any energy-saving bulbs to brighter ones for showings. Plan to schedule showings in the middle of the day so that you can take advantage of the natural light. Since it gets darker so much earlier in the winter, it’s important to make sure there is as much natural light as possible throughout the house. Fresh paint in a light neutral color provides an immaculate blank slate for buyers.

Three Tips to Selling Your Home Right Now in Winter

Plan to schedule showings in the middle of the day so that you can take advantage of natural light.

Wash your windows! Whether you pay to have it done or do it yourself, potential buyers will notice if they are dirty, plus, you guessed it… it lets in more light!

Mind the heat. When hosting an open house, you want it warm – but don’t go overboard. People tend to overdo the heat for a showing to combat the colder weather, but prospective buyers who are coming in with coats and hats and scarves will quickly get too warm and uncomfortable. We suggest keeping the temperature between 68 and 70 degrees. Turning up the heat also will increase the amount of dust in your home. Having your system professionally cleaned will keep dust to a minimum and reduce the risk of an uncomfortable experience for potential buyers who are more susceptible to airborne dust.

Finally, now it’s time to consult with your Realtor because an expert agent can advise on how to prepare your home to make a beautiful first impression and attract maximum attention (and prospective buyers). At The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty, our expert agents know the market, the comparable sales and the trends, and are committed to advising sellers how to get top dollar for their primary investment. Click here to consult with an expert Realtor at The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty.


5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Belle Meade Real Estate Agent

Belle Meade is one of the most sought-after communities in Tennessee, which means the real estate market can be pretty competitive. That is why it is best, when searching for a home, to work with a trusted Belle Meade real estate agent. So, how do you choose an agent to fit your needs? Start by following these five tips:

Real Estate Agent Showing Home To Client

  1. Start with referrals.

    The best way to begin your search for a great Belle Meade real estate agent is to ask the people you trust who they recommend. If you have family, friends or coworkers who have bought or sold a home in the city over the last couple of years, ask them who they worked with and whether or not they would recommend the agent.

  2. Choose someone who knows the area.

    If you are buying a house in Belle Meade, you do not want to work with an agent who specializes in Franklin or Downtown Nashville. Find how many Belle Meade homes the agent has sold throughout the last few years. Ideally, he or she should easily answer your questions about schools, taxes, commutes, safety and what all there is to do nearby.

  3. Visit open houses.

    Keep an eye out for open houses in Belle Meade, even if they take place in homes that do not interest you. This way you can go inside and observe the agent in action without making any kind of commitment. Does he or she seem like someone that would be a good fit for you? If so, approach them about helping you find a home.

  4. Avoid anyone who sounds too good to be true.

  5. If you talk to a real estate agent who makes outrageous promises, consider it a red flag. Above all, an agent should be honest and feel like a part of your team. Sit down together and discuss your expectations. Talk about realistic budgets, lines of communication and what you are looking for in a home. Make sure both of you are on the same page before beginning your search.
  6. Pay attention to chemistry.

    When you buy a house in any city, you spend plenty of time with your agent. In most cases, he or she will walk you through the entire process, from the time you start your search until the moment you have the keys to the front door in your hands. It can also be a very personal and emotional process. If you set up an interview or talk with an agent and you just do not get a good vibe, it is probably best to work with someone else.

Another great way to find the perfect Belle Meade real estate agent is to contact the professionals at The Lipmann Group today at 615.463.3333.

Video: Private and Contemporary Nashville Home

1908 Edenbridge Way
Nashville, TN 37215

Six bedrooms, six full and one half bathrooms

This beautiful and contemporary home is just moments from all things Nashville. Bask in a private setting on over two sprawling lush acres. The soft California home is freshly painted and move in ready with gleaming hardwoods, custom upgrades throughout, and lots of large windows allowing for an abundance of natural sunlight. The full basement is perfect for an in-law suite or live-in nanny.

Private and Contemporary Nashville Home for Sale

Click on the image for more photos and information from RE/MAX Homes and Estates.

For more information on this contemporary home in Nashville, contact listing agents:
Lawrence Lipman, RE/MAX Homes and EstatesLawrence Lipman
The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Angela Wright, RE/MAX Homes and Estates

Angela Wright, RE/MAX Homes and Estates

Angela Wright
RE/MAX Homes and Estates

5 Stately Study Essentials

For most of us, the chances of having a stately study in our homes seem about as likely as having a ballroom, conservatory, or some other room you only hear about during a game of Clue. After all, a study as a separate room should mean business but not be devoted solely to work. It should feel warm, but not effusively so, and by no means should it look sloppy. Here are some stately studies in homes for sale to get you inspired, along with the key elements to incorporate this style into your home.

  1. A leather armchair. A wingback feels particularly perfect for a study, but feel free to think outside the box…

    5 Stately Study Essentials

    1350 King Lane | Listed by Larry Lipman

  2. Dark colors. Rich mahoganies, weathered, saddle-hued leather chairs, and accents of black make a study feel like warm embrace when you enter. Think of the space as the first archetype of today’s “man cave.”

    5 Stately Study Essentials

    1317 Beddington Park | Listed by Jackie Karr

  3. Wood paneling. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with dark colors, but I’d be remiss not to include it in our list as it is a hallmark of a classic study.

    5 Stately Study Essentials

    287 Jones Parkway | Listed by Donna Tisdale

  4. A desk. Positioned front and center makes for a rather imposing “I mean business” kind of look.

    5 Stately Study Essentials

    624 Westview Avenue | Listed by Larry Lipman

  5. Built ins for storing books, books and more books. Old ones, new ones, a mix — it all works. Sprinkle in a few reference books. (Yes, those still exist post-Internet.) And if you haven’t read all of them, we won’t tell.

    5 Stately Study Essentials

    5906 Hillsboro Road | Listed by Emily Lowe

3 Stunning Hendersonville, Tennessee Homes For Sale

Hendersonville offers an array of beautiful homes available for selective buyers. If you are in the market for a striking new abode, Hendersonville provides you with plenty of options. Keep reading to learn more about three of our favorite listings!


  • 140 Lake Valley Road
    Built in 1988, this 12,813 square-foot, completely renovated home has six bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and three partial bathrooms. An elevator provides access to all four floors. Inside, you will discover a host of sought-after amenities as well as an expansive kitchen with stainless appliances, a sauna, multiple bars, and a master suite overlooking the pool and spa. This home is ideal for entertaining guests, both indoors and outside.
  • 305 Paducah Drive
    This two-story lakefront estate was built in 1996 and has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two partial bathrooms. The 7,615 square-foot interior features a formal dining room, a living room with fireplace, a music room, spacious walk-in closets, and ceiling fans. Flooring throughout the home consists of beautifully finished woods, marble, and carpet. Outside, you’ll find spacious patio areas and gorgeous water views.
  • 1455 Sandy Valley Road
    Situated on 23 acres of beautiful land, this four bedroom, two-story home was built in 2003. It offers stunning views, plenty of privacy, and close proximity to local schools. The interior features a remarkable two-story stone fireplace and a media room. There are also three full bathrooms and one partial bathroom. Striking hardwood floors and beautiful tile add to the dramatic appeal of this 6,036 square-foot home. Take a walk outside to experience the serenity of the grounds. You’ll also discover a gorgeous pool and waterfall, perfect for entertaining.

Contact The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty

If one of the aforementioned Hendersonville homes has captured your attention, contact The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty at 615.463.3333 or to request a tour.

Video: Beautifully, Newly Built Home in Green Hills

944 Battery Lane
Nashville, TN 37220

This Green Hills beauty has been completely rebuilt. High end custom finishes throughout the interior are highlighted by natural light that floods each room. Luxury and location meet in this rare opportunity for a beautifully renovated home in a highly sought after location.

For more information on this home for sale in Nashville, please contact:

Daniel Burton

RE/MAX Homes and Estates

Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

We really do live in an It City. Publications from The New York Times to GQ, Southern Living to Rolling Stone and Bon Appetit to Business Insider have sung Nashville’s praises. With that said, some people enjoy living right in the heart of the city in an urban and walkable setting. Nashville condos offer a low maintenance lifestyle in a convenient location and several gorgeous high-rise condo buildings offer ample amenities, comfortable living spaces and million-dollar views.

If you are looking for this lifestyle in Nashville, look no further. Take a look at a selection of condos at all price points throughout Davidson County:Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

This gorgeous and spacious two bedroom condo is located in the highly sought after Gulch area, and boasts two private balconies with city views. Featuring a chef’s kitchen with gas cook top, Italian cabinetry, and stone counters, this home is an entertainer’s dream. There is also a huge master suite with private balcony and expansive attached bath with double vanity, jetted tub, and an enormous walk in closet.

Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

This two story condo has a prime Midtown location within walking distance to Vanderbilt, Edgehill, Music Row, Hillsboro Village, and more. The unit has beautiful granite and stainless appliances, bamboo floors, concrete ceilings, and a stunning spacious patio. The building is very secure, and washer and dryer are included as well as one assigned covered parking spot.

Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

This home is the perfect space in a fantastic Gulch location. This spacious condo offers two garage car parking spaces, two full baths, a gas cook top, cozy fireplace with built in shelving, a dining area, gleaming hardwoods throughout, and plentiful storage. An extra storage unit is also available for purchase.

Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

Live the life of luxury at Twelve Twelve in this stunning two bedroom, two bathroom home. Featuring floor to ceiling windows which reveal a breathtaking view of Nashville, this corner unit truly has opulence and grandeur that any discriminating buyer will appreciate. This building features inviting common areas, green space, and an exquisite heated saline pool and spa.

Nashville Condos for sale in Convenient Locations

This luxury Adelicia condo is perched on the 10th floor with stunning unobstructed views! Featuring granite countertops, stainless appliances, designer fans from 2 Danes, silk black-out draperies, 5″ oak gleaming hardwood floors, and more, this is a truly must see. Vanderbilt and all things Nashville are all within walking or biking distance. Don’t miss out on this highly desirable home.

Nashville condo sales continue to rise each month while the inventory continues to decline and that’s keeping the Nashville market among the hottest in the country. If you are looking to live the condo lifestyle, our expert agents at The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty can help you find the right one!

Video: Move In Ready Nashville Townhome for Sale

320 Old Hickory Blvd #1307
Nashville, TN 37221

Two bedrooms, two full and one half bathrooms

Enjoy the views of seasons and sunsets from this lovely and modern Manuel Zeitlin designed townhome. Conveniently located just minutes from Cheekwood, Warner Parks, and I-40, this home has luxury and location. The home features two master suites with oversized soaking tubs and separate showers, fresh paint and carpet throughout, and is walking distance from a fantastic gym and pool.

Nashville Townhome for Sale

Click on the image for more photos and information from RE/MAX Homes and Estates.

For more information on this Nashville townhome for sale, contact listing agent:

Angela Wright, RE/MAX Homes and Estates

Angela Wright, RE/MAX Homes and Estates

Angela Wright
RE/MAX Homes and Estates
Phone: +1 615.406.3212­
Phone: +1 615.463.3333­
2002 Richard Jones Road, Suite C-104
Nashville, Tennessee 37215